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Machine Controls Integration Services:

  • We design, engineer, fabricate, develop and deploy software for any type of machine.  
  • 3Phase works closely with OEM's on prototype machine control design
  • 3Phase is very experienced in robotic cells, injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, lamination, food packaging, and many others.  Using an integrator that understands the machine and process is imperative for a successful project. 
  • AutoCAD drawing packages
  • Custom control panel fabrication and design
  • Complete PLC/PAC programming services including on-site startups
  • Complete and accurate documentation packages are provided with every system
  • HMI development (Human Machine Interface)
  • SCADA development
  • Network design
  • On-site startup's
  • Instrument design, installation, and calibration services
  • OEM consulting and design services
  • Operator training and training manuals for each project are provided
  • Maintenance and engineering staff training are provided